Copped The $200 Tokyo Flight Deal? Everything You Should Know
Photo Credit: davidf

Photo Credit: davidf

Copped The $200 Tokyo Flight Deal? Everything You Should Know

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Apr 30, 2021

If you follow any of the travel deal pages, then you likely saw the $200 Tokyo flight deal pop up last week. The deal, on American Airlines, departed from several major cities across the United States giving hundreds of people the chance to see Tokyo, Japan for around $225 round trip.

Although Japan is not currently accepting American travelers into its borders, the deal was actually for dates later in the year and into early 2022. So, why not lock it in. American also has its COVID-19 cancellation policies in place, so if borders are not open by the time your flight date comes around, you should be able to get a refund or at the very least, an airline credit.

If you were one of the lucky ones who hopped on the $200 Tokyo flight deal (sorry folks its long gone now), we wanted to drop a few tips to help you prepare for your trip— especially if it’s your first time going.

Tokyo is EVERYTHING but it can be pricey

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It’s one of the most expensive cities in the world. Hotels can add up, especially if you’re staying for almost a week and looking to stay with brands that you’re used to in the States. We suggest trying a Japanese hotel or if you’re comfortable, splitting your stay at a capsule hotel and a regular one. Capsule hotels aren’t for everyone but can be a really cool experience if you’re open to new things. The new ones are super high tech, and they give you a bag with all the toiletries you need. Many even offer pajamas for a small fee. Japanese-based hotels are showing up pretty cheap right now, as little as $50 a night. Keep in mind that the rooms can be tiny, but they are clean.

The Tokyo train system can be hard to navigate

Look for the English version of the train map prior to going and download it on your phone. The English train app is called Japan Transit. It has a black background and green train on the app. It will get you anywhere you’re trying to go to, includes costs and train times. Also, most neighborhoods are highly walkable.

The cafés are insane.

From the robot cafés to maid cafés. They are tourist attractions so keep in mind you may have to pay a fee just to enter, or have a food and beverage minimum. 

Shibuya crossing is a sight to see

It’s the largest intersection in the world. But it’s still fully operational so don’t be that person trying to get your social content and holding up traffic or even worse, get ran over. You can search the hashtag ‘scramble crossing’ or ‘Shibuya crossing’ to get cool content ideas before going.

Vintage shopping is big

If you’ve seen Japanese fashion, it’s a mix of vintage/ cosplay and upscale streetwear. We highly suggest checking out the vintage stores and the shopping in the Harajuku neighborhood.

The Mario Kart attraction is shut down (as of now)

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They were constantly being sued by Nintendo and then COVID-19 hit, so the company lost tons of money. At the last check they were working to get back in business. If they are operating for your trip, you will need an international driver’s license. You can get it for $20 at your nearest AAA. The process takes no more than 20 minutes, depending on how busy the store is in general.

The food is so good

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From the ramen shops, sushi trains, and street cart— eat it all. If you want to try the famous ramen shop, Ichiran, it is best to have cash (Yen) on hand. You’ll also want to add the famous jiggly pancakes to your foodie adventures. 

Always check your privilege

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it until everyone understands. You’re in another country so be respectful. They don’t owe you a damn thing. Period! Please adhere to any mask mandates or protocols in place at the time of your trip.

If you need suggestions on things to do, read our list here.

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