Use Your Vacation Days, Take More Solo Trips, And More New Year’s Resolutions World Travelers Should Consider
Photo Credit: Luis Alvarez

Photo Credit: Luis Alvarez

Use Your Vacation Days, Take More Solo Trips, And More New Year’s Resolutions World Travelers Should Consider

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Dec 31, 2019

Making travel resolutions is a practice that can happen any time of year, but with the turning of a new decade, it’s a powerful time to sit down and consider your travel goals for the next year and beyond.  If travel is essential to your routine and your happiness, here are a few specific resolutions to ensure that you are making travel a priority. Set your sights on the world and make your dreams a reality in 2020.

Use all your vacation days

You may be surprised to know that most Americans do not use all their paid time off. Don’t fall into that group this year. Plan ahead and make the most of your hard-earned hours.

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Travel someplace out of your comfort zone

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and travel to a place that pushes you outside of your shell. Diving into the unknown can be frightening, but it can also be extremely gratifying.

Take more solo trips

Solo travel is a great way to explore a new place on your own terms. You may be surprised that you enjoy it more than you expected.

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Take advantage of the weekend

Weekend trips are a fun way to change your routine and allow you to explore places within your own backyard.

Ditch the screens

Vow to ditch the screens on your next vacation. A digital detox is a great way to make sure you are present and fully immersed during each moment of your adventure.

Save, save, save

Start a travel savings fund that makes it easier to travel frequently and to places you’ve always wanted to visit. Cutting back on just a few unnecessary purchases could be just what’s needed to finally take your dream vacation.

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Learn a new language

Online software programs like Rosetta Stone or apps like Duolingo are a great, affordable place to start.

Take advantage of last-minute travel deals

You can find pretty good last-minute travel deals on flights and hotels if you are willing to drop everything for a spur of the moment getaway.

Immerse yourself

Spend more than just a few days in a new country. If you work from home or can convince your employer to let you work remotely for a bit, take advantage of the opportunity to spend a few weeks or even months in a new city.

Skip the flight and take a train

Whether you are taking a train (or bus) for environmental reasons or for the adventure, this mode of transportation may be slow, but it’s a great way to see a new country.

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Ditch bad habits

Take a good look at whatever is stopping you from making travel an essential part of your life. A bad relationship? Issues with overspending? Fear? Address them head-on in the new year and prove to yourself that nothing will come in the way of seeing the world.

Volunteer Abroad

Use your love of travel to give back on a volunteer trip. Whether it’s building wells or spending time at local schools, there are hundreds of ways to offer your services to a community in need.

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Don’t overpack

Vow to pack lighter this year. Shed the weight of the things you think you need while traveling and focus on the essentials and letting go of the things you can live without.

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Take pictures for yourself and not the Gram

It may be hard to remember the days before Instagram when we took pictures for ourselves and to share with a small circle of friends and family. Put followers, likes and comments on the back-burner and focus on capturing what’s most meaningful to you.

Pick up a new hobby

While traveling, take lessons in a local trade and bring your new hobby back home to share with friends and to add to your routine.

Just do it

Stop putting off that dream trip and take the necessary steps to make it happen. From creating a new budget to starting to plan, promise yourself to work each day at reaching your goal.

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