15% Off Travel Experience With Desalu Travels
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

15% Off Travel Experience With Desalu Travels

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Shenae Curry
Shenae Curry Nov 26, 2019

Desalu Travels is not your average travel agency.

We actually don’t consider ourselves to be an agency; we like to think of ourselves as “Experience Curators”. We are a full-service provider of intimate travel opportunities designed by our in-house team of world explorers. Together, we have over 10 years of traveling exposure, we have visited 60+ countries including many in Africa.

We bring ambitious young (and young-at-heart) professionals to exotic destinations across Africa to explore, create, connect & build transformative relationships. Our focus is on quality and not quantity, and that is why we have a limit of 10 guests per experience so you get a personal connection to not only the tour guide and the other guests but the soul of the city. Each Desalu Experience is uniquely designed to give you a travel opportunity that stays true to your individual style while allowing you to learn directly from people, open yourself up to a breath of creative possibilities, discover yourself and leave an impact in the communities. Our tailored approach to travel amounts to wild creativity, to a ceaseless push to see places differently, and a confidence that leads us to produce creative content we’d never dreamed of when we started – we do this together, as a team, better yet, as a family!

Why Desalu Travels?

Simply put, this is group travel for people who don’t usually do group trips. Desalu Travel Experiences focuses on immersive opportunities to live like a local, learn about a new culture and make meaningful connections with fellow travelers. Desalu travelers are unlike other travelers— We’re optimists and makers, doers and builders, experimenters and learners, we empathize and collaborate, we look for inspiration in unexpected places and seek to leave a positive impact wherever we go. Our focus is Africa. Instead of traveling to different parts of a region, we root ourselves in one city to deepen our experience with the culture. We do this to avoid receiving fragmented pieces of local culture..



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