These 11 Travel Podcasts Will Inspire Wanderlust In 2020

PUBLISHED: Jan 1, 2020 12:28 AM

In the 2010s we saw the rise of podcasts, which have become a source of entertainment and inspiration for people on a daily basis. There is a podcast out there for everyone no matter what your interests are.

 If you’re in need of podcasts to ignite your wanderlust in the coming year, we have a list of 11.

Here are 10 podcasts you can discover in 2020.

Trail Less Traveled

This podcast gives insight to some of the most remote locations in the world. The host, Madela van Eeden interviews people from around the world such as musicians on the streets of Havana, Cuba, and geologists investigating glaciers in New Zealand. 

Listening to this unique podcast will transport you to wherever the host is recording from at the time. 

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Vacation Mavens

Kimber Tate (Stuffed Suitcase) and Tamara Gruber (We3Travel) are two popular family travel bloggers who collaborate as hosts on Vacation Mavens. 

The hosts interview families traveling who give advice and tell stories of the excitement and woes of traveling with the people you love most. 

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Carry On Podcast

This podcast is fairly new and is hosted by travel writers Tracey Davies and Rose Dykins as well as travel PR Michelle McCarthy. Once a week, the hosts have a light-hearted conversation about places they’ve been, travel tips and inspiration for future travels.

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Wild Ideas Worth Living

Shelby Stanger is an adventure journalist who uses this podcast to help listeners manifest their wildest dreams and face their fears while traveling. 

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Extra Pack Of Peanuts

One of the most popular travel podcasts, this husband and wife team offers travel tips to help you with budgeting and stress-free travel experiences. Travis and Heather Sherry also share advice on which destinations are a must to travel to as well as tangible tips for global travel.

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Inappropriate Traveler

This podcast is for those who seek light-hearted travel content. The host, Spud Hilton, is a former travel editor at the San Francisco Chronicle and discusses the side of travel we don’t often hear about, like hangovers, nights out and disastrous travel scenarios. 

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Roads And Kingdoms 

This podcast was created by Anthony Bourdain and is now hosted by Nathan Thornburgh, his business partner. The concept is to share conversations about various cultures, police, and life in general while sharing a drink. 

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Zero To Travel

If you’re looking for a travel experience that will change your life, this podcast is for you. The host, Jason Moore, discusses how to live as a digital nomad in addition to finding cheaper flights and travel hacks. 

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Adventure Sports Podcast

There are over 600 episodes of this podcast which makes it a great resource for finding adventure travel inspiration. The show features stories and interviews of adventure sports experts from around the world. 

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Wander Woman

The host, Phoebe Smith is an adventurer and Wanderlust editor who shares stories of her travels as well as interviews with other travelers. 

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Black Women Travel

The Black Women Travel Podcast shares the stories of Black women who dreamed to make travel a priority.

This community of bold women from all over the world has varied travel stories including short-term travelers based in a country, to long-term travelers living as digital nomads or working abroad. 

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