11 Things Travel Lovers Are Tired Of Hearing
Photo Credit: © Travel Noire

Photo Credit: © Travel Noire

11 Things Travel Lovers Are Tired Of Hearing

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Shontel Horne
Shontel Horne Oct 2, 2018

For many travelers, dedicating time, energy, and money to seeing the world is a lifestyle choice that is well worth the investment. Everyone has a different relationship with travel, but if you find yourself always searching for a flight deal or hacking your schedule to fit in as many trips as possible, there will come a time when the people in your life question how and why you’ve made travel a priority.


There’s no escaping the probing questions that come when you tell family, friends, and colleagues about your next getaway, and if you’re like us, these are the questions and comments that we wish people would simply keep to themselves.


“You’re going somewhere again?”

Yes. Yes, I am. Once someone has decided to prioritize travel, it may be difficult for others to understand the joy that comes from seeing another new city, tasting a food for the first time, and meeting people from different walks of life. Life is short, and you shouldn’t have to justify why you’re going on another trip, even if you just got back from a getaway.


“You’re going where? Is it safe?”

Being concerned about our well-being is one thing, but if every response we get about visiting a destination is in regard to safety, then don’t be surprised if we keep our upcoming trips to ourselves. Every destination on Earth has its share of potential dangers and hazards, but an experienced traveler knows better than to have their journey dictated by negative media or stereotypes.


“I would travel more but I’m afraid of plane crashes.”

People don’t think twice about getting into cars to get where they have to go, yet the fear of a plane crash stops many from seeing the world. Plane crashes are incredibly rare, and that excuse, while understandable, simply isn’t logical.


“What are you going to bring me back?” 

Frequent travelers rarely buy souvenirs for themselves, much less buy unnecessary items for every person that inquires. Unless you’re a close relative, a significant other, or I see something special for a particular person, the only thing I’ll bring back for you are my stories and pictures.


“You’re traveling solo? I could never travel alone.”

This statement is unwelcome simply because it isn’t true. Just because someone has never traveled alone doesn’t mean they could never do it. With the exception of extreme circumstances, everyone has the ability to travel alone, the truth is many are too afraid to face their fears of solo travel.


“It’s nice that you have so much time to travel.”

Unless you’re retired, there’s a good chance you don’t have a lot of time to travel. We make time for things that we love, and travel is no different. Some people never take their PTO, others stay home during three-day holiday weekends. Travel lovers find the time to take the trips they want.


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“How can you afford to travel so much?”

How can people afford new Yeezys? How can people afford to eat out several times a week or pay for that nice apartment in a high-rise? Aside from some destinations, travel isn’t always as expensive as many think. Saving just $20-$50 every week could lead to a nice trip in a matter of months, and some travelers live well below their means to pay for their globetrotting lifestyle. Every person’s situation is different and there’s no one answer, but we all invest in what matters to us.


“What are you going to eat over there?”

Food. I will eat food. The whole point of traveling is to get out of your comfort zone. Embracing unfamiliar streets, traditions, cultures, and food is the reason why we travel in the first place. After all, everyone eats.


“This traveling phase will pass.”

Traveling is many things, but it’s not a phase. The way you travel will change over time ( hostels are swapped for nice hotels, solo and couple trips turn into family vacations) but being curious and eager to explore the world never fades.


“I care about my career too much to travel so much.”

Not only do most frequent travelers care deeply about their careers, but professionals who travel often tend to have higher morale and can perform more effectively at their job. It’s possible to care about work and seeing the world, and developing a healthy work-life balance offers a world of benefits.


“Travel all you can now before you have a family.”

Plenty of parents travel with their children. It’s not easy to navigate Bali and Italy with a toddler, but it can be done, and this family decided to “world school” their children. Traveling doesn’t have to stop once you become a parent, in fact, it could actually become even more rewarding!

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