These 10 Tips Are Essential For Staying Safe While Traveling
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These 10 Tips Are Essential For Staying Safe While Traveling

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jun 24, 2019

Traveling is a great way to expand your mind, experience new cultures and learn how people in various places live.

Although traveling can be filled with fun and excitement, it is still important to put your safety first.

Here are a few ways to ensure your travels go smoothly and safely:

Research Your Destination

It is important to do research on the areas you will be traveling to before finalizing your bookings.

Start by reading reviews from past travelers, watching travel vlogs and asking the front desk of hotels for advice by locals.

Make An Emergency Contact List

Organize a list, whether hand-written or electronically, of the nearest police station, hospital, embassy, and consulate in your destination.

Being able to access this information quickly can save time in case an emergency occurs.

Store Copies Of All Your Travel Documents

Scan copies of your passport, travel bookings, credit card, travel insurance and any other documents you may need.

You can save them in your camera roll, email it to yourself or store in the cloud.

Pack A Mini First-Aid Kit

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Pack a mini first-aid kit containing items like band-aids, burn gel, ant-acids, antiseptics and headache pills.

Share Your Travel Itinerary With Family And Friends

Let your family and friends in on your travel itinerary — including flight and travel accommodations.

Don’t Share Your Live Location On Social Media

Sharing our lives publicly has become the norm because of social media.

You never know who is watching, so it is best to post you were at a certain location after you’ve left that area.

Purchase Travel Insurance

If you’re traveling with valuables such as a laptop, camera and/or jewelry; having travel insurance can be beneficial.

There are also health insurance options that cover incidents while abroad

Don’t Walk Around With All Of Your Money

Keep things like your phone, laptop, camera, passport…etc. together but separate your funds

You can store some of your finds in your wallet while keeping the remainder of your money in the safe at the hotel or in another secure place.

This way, if you lose your wallet or get pickpocketed, you will still have access to some funds while abroad.

It is also important to not walk around with large amounts of cash.

Beware Of Using Public WiFi

Using free public WiFi leaves you susceptible to scammers who can access your computer and banking information.

If you do use free public WiFi, avoid logging into your bank account or entering passwords.

Don’t Look Like A Tourist

A lot of scammers prey on those that look and act too much like a tourist.

To avoid getting pickpocketed or scammed, be conscious of how the locals dress and always be aware of your surroundings.

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