10 Safe And Welcoming Countries For Black Male Travelers
Photo Credit: Dziana Hasanbeka

Photo Credit: Dziana Hasanbeka

10 Safe And Welcoming Countries For Black Male Travelers

Austria , Denmark , Ghana , Japan , Portugal , Senegal , Thailand
Malik Peay
Malik Peay Apr 9, 2021

Black travelers should always be cautious of the countries they visit when traveling internationally because different cultural and social norms outside the United States might not make your experience enjoyable.

While racism and colorism is not escapable when you leave the US, there are many countries out there that are friendly towards Black expats and even welcome Black globetrotters.

Here are 10 countries that we’ve found to be safe, especially for Black men.


Ghana has always been welcoming of Black American travelers and travelers of the Diaspora. As a Black male, you can guarantee you will be treated like family in the West African nation.

From the deep history and vibrant nightlife, Ghana is a great option to add to your list anytime. Stevie Wonder and Maya Angelou are only a few of the few prominent Black Americans that feel or have felt safe there.


Lisbon, Portugal is a hotspot for Black travelers. The colorful architecture and cobblestone roads are emblematic characteristics of Portugal’s breathtaking Atlantic seaside landscape. The seafood and rice meals and egg tarts are notable dishes to try while visiting Portugal.


Within Central Europe, Austria is an often looked over destination to travel to. It features vibrant little villages and has a metropolitan capital, Vienna that is decorated with modern architecture and imperial traditions.

The country is known for their wiener schnitzel treats and the city views are mesmerizing. The country has various historic castles to visit, and they are just as fascinating as the modern buildings in Vienna.


Known for its high quality of living, the Scandinavian country of Denmark has some of the happiest people in the world. Copenhagen features uniquely designed houses similar to the gingerbread houses that are popular during the holidays in the United States.

Denmark has a very open-minded culture that is free of many law restrictions. Tivoli Gardens and the Nyhavn canal are tourist destinations that include one of the largest theme parks in Europe and the gorgeous scenery of the city canal.


The very nationalistic country of Scotland is safe for Black travelers within the not-so-welcoming countries of England. Through experiencing men who wear kilts in Scotland to traveling to the extraordinary Old Town, traditional cuisines and establishments are hospitable for foreign travelers.

Crossing along The Royal Mile, the Edinburgh Castle sits on a hill at the end of tunnel pathways and flights of cobblestone stairways. The Princes Street Gardens is an eye-boggling public park that looks like a scene from a medieval fairy-tale!


This Southeast Asian country welcomes many Black travelers and its locals love to help foreign visitors. The exotic beaches and spas are great pampering activities that must be experienced before your departure.

The cheaply priced Thai dishes are perfect if you are traveling on a tight budget and the country features many local eateries and motorcycle passenger riding. The tropical weather and series of islands are fun day trips to take advantage of during your travels.


Just above North America, Canada is known for being an extremely progressive country where safety and hospitality are always upheld by its natives. Toronto, Canada has a large Ethiopian population and African influence.

The Caribbean cuisine will make many Black travelers feel at home if they are from the Caribbean islands or accustomed to eating these types of comfort dishes. Buckle up for the cold weather and take in the lush nature surrounding the metropolitan areas of Canada.


The United States and Singapore have a great relationship and the country’s locals are fond of tourists. The beautiful modern city landscapes and tasty cuisine is ideal for travelers who love large city adventures.

You will notice the country’s many parks and tree-lined streets. The vast use of lights and technology and its incorporation in how the busy cities run is a sight to see.


Japan is a great country to visit and has superb traditions and sacred landmarks that are completely magical. From experiencing Tokyo to visiting the older establishments in Hokkaido, the diverse array of cities is easy to get lost in.

Mount Fuji can be seen from Hokkaido and the cherry blossom trees that only bloom in late April are popular destinations in Japan after the snowfall melts. This island can be extremely humid during the summer as the microclimate of the island nation allows for more variations in tropical weather.


Black travelers will feel at home in Senegal with its vibrant culture, cuisine, and safari attractions. The city of Dakar is an Atlantic port where Senegalese people often go nightclubbing. The West African country fuses French and African cuisine which makes the food of Senegal that much more delectable.

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