10 Reasons Why You Should Visit South Africa ASAP
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Meet South Africa

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Meet South Africa

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit South Africa ASAP

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 23, 2019

South Africa, also referred to as Mzanzi by locals, is a country rich in culture and history.

Many people travel to South Africa and are surprised by its amazing scenery and all there is to do.

If you haven’t been yet, here are 10 reasons why you should visit South Africa pronto.

Great Value

There are options to fit every budget in South Africa.

Whether you want to ball-out and have a luxurious vacation, or backpack adventurously through the outdoors, there is something to suit everyone’s pockets.

A-1 Infrastructure

Traveling around South Africa is super easy because of ride-sharing apps like Uber.

You can also make your way around the country via plane, train, bus, or car.

You’ll never be in a transportation rut in South Africa because the infrastructure is world-class.

Buzzing City Life

If you crave the hustle and bustle of big cities, then South Africa is the country for you.

Johannesburg is comparable to NYC and has an energy that is unmatched.

Head to Johannesburg CBD for a taste of the concrete jungle while in Africa.

Enjoy city life in Cape Town with a more chilled vibe — and the beach.

Cultural Melting Pot

South Africa is truly a melting pot with Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana, Swazi, Venda, Ndebele, Afrikaans, Cape Malay, Cape Coloured, Khoisan and more all living here and calling this country ‘home’.

You can explore multiple cultures in South Africa through their food, music, and dances.

You’re sure to learn new things while having the time of your life.

Gorgeous Views

South Africa has some of the most magnificent scenery in the world.

From mountains, valleys, and cliff sides to oceans and epic sunsets — this country is an absolute visual playground.

Epic Safaris

See The Lion King in real life when visiting South Africa.

Going on a safari gives you the chance to spot a pride of lions, a herd of elephants, wild dogs, giraffe, zebras, and more.

Going on a safari differs from visiting a zoo because, on safaris, you get to see the animals living the wild; untouched and unbothered by humans.

Lots Of Adventure

If adventure is calling your name, head to South Africa ASAP!

You can swim with great white sharks, hike up mountains, go camping amongst wildlife and even bungee jump off the highest commercial bridge bungee in the world.

Lazy Days At The Beach

Long days exploring big cities and going on active adventures call for a bit of relaxation.

The beaches in South Africa are absolutely beautiful and make for the perfect winter getaway. When it’s winter in the U.S., it’s summer in South Africa.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are a whopping eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South Africa.

These areas receive global status because of their unique attributes.

Visit one, or all of these sites for an in-depth look at the history and culture in South Africa.

Something For Every Type Of Traveler

It doesn’t matter the kind of traveler you are, South Africa has something that will interest you.

From luxury, adventure, art, history, cuisine, culture, wildlife and more: South Africa has it all.

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