New Travel Trend: 10 Reasons To Appreciate Repeat Travel
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

New Travel Trend: 10 Reasons To Appreciate Repeat Travel

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jul 25, 2019

We’re currently in the era of “travel to as many countries as possible…ASAP!”

With Instagram and content creation being the reason for a lot of our travels, it could be tempting to travel new a new place frequently. However, if you really enjoyed a particular city, chances are, you’ll still enjoy it again.

Fortunately, there is a new travel trend arising which involves repeat travel.

With that said, here are 10 reasons why you should appreciate repeat travel:

You Really Get To Know The Place

The first time visiting a city, you may have gone to all the tourist spots but that was just touching the surface. The second-time-around gives you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the city and learn about places and sites that aren’t commonly known.

You’ll also become familiar with certain routes and feel proud to have learned the city better than a tourist would.

You Can Experience The Place In Different Seasons

Maybe the first time you visited a destination was in the summer and while the city was nice, you were miserable because of the unbearable heat and humidity. This time, you can go in a different season and experience the city with weather that suits you.

It’s amazing how much weather can affect our mood and experiences.

You Already Know You’ll Like It

Visiting a city you know you’ll enjoy is awesome and takes some anxiety away from traveling there. Instead of dwelling on whether or not you’ll like it, you can worry about more important things — like which restaurants you have to check out this time.

No Time Wasted

Sometimes when we’re visiting a new city, we spend a lot of time looking for souvenirs, tourist hot-spots and things to do. This is time that could never be returned. The great thing about repeat travel is you won’t need to spend time looking for souvenirs you already have. You can intentionally spend your time doing what you want.

Bye-Bye Bucket List

Chances are, you checked off everything on your bucket list the first time you were in that particular city. This time, you can say goodbye to your list and hello to new experiences. Let the city guide you instead of a list of places to see.

You’ll Start Feeling Like A Local

This time you’ll be visiting with knowledge of how the locals’ act. You may have even picked up some slang or words used by locals. This time, you won’t stick out as a tourist — instead, you’ll be comfortable and feel right at home.

See Things You Didn’t Get To see Last Time

Ok, some cities (ahem, NYC) are so big that it’s impossible to see all of what it has to offer. A second trip can be just what you needed to see the sites you missed last time.

Less Pressure To Hit Up Tourist Spots

When you’re first traveling to somewhere new, there is a sense of pressure to do all of the sight-seeing activities — regardless of if they actually interest you or not. This time, you won’t be pressured because you’ll already have a feel for the city.

Everything Gets Easier

Sometimes traveling to a city can be confusing. Whether its a language barrier or confusing transportation systems; the admin can feel quite intimidating. Repeat traveling to a location, however, will make things that were once confusing, a bit easier.

Because, Why Not?

We all have restaurants, coffee shops and even movies that we frequent. So, why not repeat travel?

Some things are just better the second time around.

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