10 Hobbies That You Can Turn Into Remote Careers To Live Abroad

PUBLISHED: Nov 8, 2019 3:00 PM

One of the most difficult parts about moving abroad is trying to figure out how you’ll make money to support your travels and lifestyle. It often means getting a little creative. Here are a few hobbies that people have taken a step further to create successful careers.


Hone your skills to take this hobby to a professional level. Good photographers are in need all over the world, so whether you land a job shooting travel images for an online publication or private events, with the right skills and a beautiful portfolio, you will always be able to find work.

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Working on local farms in exchange for room and board has become a handy way for people to support their travels. If you are more of a solo-traveler, selling your fresh produce at local farmer’s markets or vendors can bring in a steady flow of cash.

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Social Media

Love capturing your OOTD? Or sweet images of your favorite puppy? If you are a natural when it comes to gaining a following on social media, it may be time to consider ways to monetize your hobby.

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Take your college athletic skills abroad and find work as a coach for a local or professional sports team. Personal training for private clients or at a gym is another way to take your love for fitness and sports to a professional level abroad. It will certainly help if you can speak the local language.

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If you find your friends often calling you for advice on their upcoming travel adventures, you may want to turn your expertise into a business. Online travel agents or tour guides can make a steady income and are always needed.